G H O S T | Y A C H T

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A man, who worked his whole life as a fiberglass casting specialist for a sports car company, built a fiberglass yacht in an empty lot on Louisiana Route 310. In hope of retiring to a care-free life on the open seas, drinking daiquiris and fishing for Marlin, he crafted every curve of the vessel with painstaking precision. Shortly before finishing his life’s work he was shot dead by his own son aboard the ship. His son robbed him of the money he had stashed on board only to be apprehended and sentenced to life imprisonment. They were survived by a wife and mother who was left with the burden of this ship. It is cursed because it will not sell, and it will not sell because it is cursed.

Feel free to call the number on the side and make an offer. Last heard, they were asking in the $200K range but that was years ago. It is outfitted with two large engines in the hull. I could not identify the site of the murder, but I was curious to find an impressive amount of finely-constructed mud wasp nests and a curiously disproportionate number of bath/shower units, a total of 8, within the captain’s quarters. All were plummed and ready for use.


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[TIMEGHOST] – Cascades

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Solo Micromoog sent through a series of delays, fed back into the system as control voltage. Signals split up and sent through individual effects and mixed by Mackie. An initial test… more to come… graphic scores…

Recorded in “Real Time” with no overdubs to H4N inside Redrum II, Mars Gas Chamber, December 5th, 2009. Click image for Megaupload link (link was fucked at first, but it’s fixed now).

[DOMINIQUE VACCARO] – Live 09/27/09

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[photo: Elé]
LIVE – MILAN, ITALY: 09/27/09 – 11:43′

[LITHIUM DELIRIUM] – Live 09/09/09

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LIVE – AMIENS, FRANCE: 09/09/09 – 31:43′